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Ceili Band Classes

Audition Requirements: Fall 2017

Audition Requirements: Must be age 8 in 3rd Grade to be in Ceili Band Classes


Students must audition for bands in Fall 2017; students in Competition Ceili Band do not need to re-audition.  Auditions are due by August 13 or can be played in person on August 13. Students not wanting to re-audition will be assigned to a group.


Beginning Ceili Band: Elem/ Middle

Britches Full of Stitches or Kerry Polka


Adv Beginner:  Elem/ Middle School

Britches Full of Stitches Polka

Oro se March

Dawning of the Day March

Shoe the Donkey Mazurka

The Butterfly

Rince a Philip a Cheoil

Mo Gile Mear

Kerry Polka

John Ryan’s


Int.Ceili Band:  Middle/ High School

The Butterfly

Kerry Polka

John Ryan’s

Sally Garden’s


Have a Drink with Me

Humours of Glendart



Advance Ceili Band: (submit tune list)

Show you can play two reels at speed.

Three jigs at speed in a set.

Hornpipe set that is not Boys of Blue

Purpose of Ceili Band and Festival Band

The purpose of Ceili Band and Festival Bands are to function as an ENSEMBLE Class.  Students learn to perform as a band or team to perform at community events and improve their personal and group traditional Irish musicianship to the highest level.

Ceili Band Class

To accommodate students from all Metro Atlanta counties, Ceili Band classes meet two Sunday afternoons of each month and avoid all holiday weekends (based on the Fulton County Schools Calendar).  All specific dates are on the calendar page. Classes run August thru May at our main location in Roswell.  Students and teachers only are permitted in class.  New students may visit a class before enrolling. Please contact the teacher.

Ceili Band III Advanced: This class is for students that have mastered classic repertoire and ornamentation and are moving into mulit- part and advanced reels tunes.

Ceili Band II Intermediate: This class is for students working on 'classic' Irish repertoire:  Reels, Jigs, Slip Jigs, Hornpipes, Polkas. Learning and perfecting ornamentation such as rolls, cuts and trebles.

Ceili Band II Adv Beginner: :  This class is for students with a 2-year mastery of their instrument.  In this course students will learn  standard beginning Irish tunes such as marches, airs, polkas, slides, simple jigs and reels.

Ceili Band I Adv Beginner: :  This class is for students with a 2-year mastery of their instrument.  In this course students will learn  standard beginning Irish tunes such as marches, airs, polkas, slides and slip jigs.

Festival Band Class: Grúpaí Ceoil

Gael: GAEL is a performance oriented class that will focus on modern and Gruapai Cheoil -style arrangements of traditional Irish music. The objective of GAEL is to teach advanced traditional Irish youth musicians performance techniques, harmonic arrangements, advanced traditional music as well as provide authentic community and National performance experiences. GAEL is an invitation only class and participants must meet the below requirements to stay in good standing with group.  Class cost per class $5.

All GAEL members must:

1. be of high school age/ grade level or collegiate level.
2.  be a member of AJCB Advanced Ceili Band class. (18 years of age and under)
3.  take at least two private lessons on their primary instrument each month during the school year with an Irish music teacher of their choice either on-site or online.
4.  must come to all classes, rehearsals and workshops.   Failure to attend special rehearsals or a mandatory workshop may result in suspension from the next performance.
5.  agree to play/study a second instrument of their choice.
6.  respond to emails from Katherine in a timely manner.

Other notes:

1. Participating in all shows and all fleadhanna is optional and each show will be booked individually.
2. GAEL may require a an additional costume.
3. It is my goal that every child's unique talent is displayed within this ensemble; thus, it important to know that not all students will play all shows.  At times, small sub-groups from GAEL will be pulled out to perform at certain events.  This will be at the discretion of myself, teacher. However, it will be my goal that ever child has equal opportunities to perform.
4. GAEL follows the AJCB policies.  All musical arrangements aka 'shows' are property of the AJCB and my not be played by other ensembles other than GAEL.

Tara: Middle and Elementary school band that expands traditional tunes into mixed instrumental and vocal arrangements and focuses on performance skills. Recommendation only.  Required to attend all Tara rehearsals and shows.  See school calendar

Class Location

The NATE Suzuki Studio
11285 Elkins Road, Suite K2
Roswell, GA 30076

Turn into the Corporate Woods Office Park off Elkins Road.  Turn Left at the UPS Mailboxes and go to the bottom of the hill. 
Classes will be held in The NATE Suzuki Studio in Roswell. Please do not call The NATE Studio for directions.